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Product Info: Sony SAT-A50 / B50 


Sony SAT-A50 / B50

Sony SAT-A50 / B50
DirectTV, Modem
Receiver Type:Standard Definition
Producer/Manufacturer - Hersteller:Sony
Production Year: 1999

Detailed Description: Sony SAT-A50 / B50 


SAT-A50 Receiver 

  • On-Screen Menu and Guide System Featuring Media Window™.
  • Dolby Digital Audio feature is capable of passing 5.1 channel surround sound to the optical digital output.
  • 32-bit microprocessor for fast on-screen menu operation.
  • Two sets of Audio/Video outputs one for your television set, the second for your Audio/Video system.
  • S-Video output for higher picture quality.
  • ACCESS Card located in back of unit for added security.
  • Low power consumption, cool operation.
  • RF input accommodates cable TV or local TV antenna to deliver local programming.
  • 9-pin low speed data port (for connection to future peripherals).
  • Message indicator lets you know that you have a new message.
  • Auto Title Insert for VCR recording automatically records program information at the beginning of any Timer & Record function. This insert at the beginning of the tape will feature program title, total program time, station logo, station name, channel number and the program's content rating. The user selection of "on" or "off" for this feature appears in the VCR Control screen.
  • SmartFile® Compatibility allows your digital satellite receiver to send the following information automatically when you record a program with a Sony SmartFile VCR: program title, program category, program date/time and duration.
  • One button record with VCR controller to set the digital satellite receiver's timer function to automatically start and stop the recording function of your VCR.
  • 10-Event Programmable Timer.
  • Timer LED.



Technical Specifications:
  • Satellite Input Frequency: 950 - 1450MHz
  • Satellite Input Jack: "F" type female coaxial
  • Antenna Input Jack: "F" type female coaxial
  • RF Output: "F" type female coaxial
  • Audio Output: L/R phono type (2 pairs)
  • Digital Audio Out: Optical Digital Output
  • VCR Control
  • Video Output: Phono type (2)
  • S-Video Output: 4-pin mini DIN
  • Low Speed Data Interface: 9-pin D-Sub connector
  • Telephone Interface: RJ-11C modular jack
  • Power Requirements: 120V AC, 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 20W, max
  • Dimensions (WHD): Receiver:11" x 2-5/8" x 9" (280 x 66.5 x 228.5mm)
  • Weight: Receiver: 3 lbs 8 oz (1.6kg)

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