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Product Info: DMSIS DSR 200 



Receiver Type:Standard Definition
Producer/Manufacturer - Hersteller:DSMIS
Production Year: 2003

Detailed Description: DMSIS DSR 200 


General Functions



MPEG-2 Digital and DVB Compliant

Multi Functions
-   Extended EPG and Program Reservation through EPG
   -   Letter Box for 4:3 Ratio TV
   -   Renameable Five(5) Favorite Groups & 7 Favorite Mode
   -   Fourteen(14) Timer On/Off & Reservation(Once/Daily/Weekly)
   -   Each Channel Volume Save Function

Excellent Performance
-   Fast Channel Change
   -   Max 3600 Channels Programmable
   -   Powerful Channel Management

User Friendly Interface
-   Easy Menu Structure
   -   Full Menu PIG (Picture in Graphic)
   -   Multi Language Support OSD (English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Portugal,
       Greek, Turkey, Arabic, Persian)
   -   Four(4) Kinds of Color Change & Transparency OSD
   -   Four(4) Color Buttons (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue)

Easy Installation 
-   Automatic Channel Search
   -   Smooth Installation Process Using Color Buttons
   -   Various Channel Search option(TP/Sat/Scramble/Network)

-   Software Upgrading through RS-232C (Set to Set, PC to Set)


Special Attribute

                 -   Multi-Satellite Auto Search
                 -   Manual PID Search
                 -   Previous Channel Selection
                 -   Video Freeze
                 -   Software Teletext



Channel Memory TV/Radio
Symbol Rate
SCPC/C-Band Compatible
Common Interface
CAS embedded
Scart / RCA A/V Connect
Digital Audio Output


 1.0 / 1.2
 2 / 3


Technical Specifications


 Flash ROM

 32 bit RISC processor
 2M byte
 4M byte
 2K byte


 RF Input Connector
 RF Frequency
 Input Impedance
 Signal Level
 IF Bandwidth
 LNB Power
   & Polarization

 22KHz Tone


 F-type, IEC 169-24, Female
 950 ~ 2150MHz
 75 ohm unbalaced
 -65 ~ -25dBm
 Zero IF
 Vertical   +14Vdc
 Horizontal   +18Vdc
 Current   Max. 500mA
 Overload Protection
 Frequency   22 ± 4KHz
 Amplitude   0.6 ± 0.2V
 Version 1.0 & 1.2 Compatible

MPEG Transport Stream A/V Decording

 Transport Stream
 Profile Level
 Input Rate
 Aspect Ratio
 Video Resolution
 Audio Decoding
 Audio Mode
 Sampling Rate

 MPEG-2 (ISO/IEC 13818) - Transport Stream Specification
 Max. 15Mbit/s
 4:3 , 16:9
 720×576 , 720×480
 MPEG Layer I & II
 Single Channel / Dual Channel / Joint Stereo / Stereo
 32, 44.1 and 48KHz


 Input Symbol Rate
 FEC Decoder

 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 with constraint Length K=7

A/V & Data Input / Output

 TV Scart

 VCR Scart

 Audio R/L
 RS-232C USB output

 0/12V or S/PDIF

 Video Output (CVBS, RGB, S-VHS)
 Audio Output
 Video Output (CVBS)
 Video Input (CVBS, RGB)
 Audio Output
 RCA/Cinch, Video Output (CVBS)
 RCA/Cinch, Volume and Mute Control (16bits DAC, Max. 2Vrms)
 Transfer Rage 115Kbps
 9pin D-sub male type
 0/12V, RCA/Cinch

RF-Modulator (Option)

 Channel Range
 TV Standard
 Preset Channel

 75 ohm, IEC169-2, Male/Female
 470 ~ 860MHz
 CH 21~69 for the Remodulator
 PAL B/G/I Selectable by Menu
 Ch 36 (or TBD) - Changeable by Menu

Power Supply

 Input Voltage
 Power Consumption
 Stand-by Power

 90~264Vac, 47~63Hz
 Max. 30W
 Max. 9W
 Separate Internal Fuse - The input shall have the lighting protection.


 Operating Temperature
 Storage Temperature

 +5°C ~ +50°C
 -40°C ~ +65°C 

Physical Specifications

 Size (W × H × D)

 290 × 45 × 230 mm

* Design and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


The Satellite Receiver Documentation Project 
                   Das Sat-Receiver Dokumentationsprojekt

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